Mazda to offer its EVs with NACS ports in North America

Mazda has reached an agreement with Tesla and will also adopt the NACS charging port in North America from 2025. This comes after NACS became an official charging standard.

Image: Mazda

In its very brief statement, Mazda only writes that “this addition will provide Mazda BEV customers with greater charging convenience through access to more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America.” However, the carmaker does not mention whether or not it will provide adapters to customers with older electric models.

Mazda discontinued sales of its only all-electric car in the US in July 2023, the MX-30. The carmaker wants to focus on hybrids for electrification in North America instead. That comes after Mazda raised its sales target for all-electric cars to 40 per cent of total sales by 2030, up from 25 per cent in November 2022.

With its deal with Tesla, Mazda follows several carmakers that have announced similar collaborations in recent months. Lucid, Subaru, Toyota, and BMW were the latest to join the list.  Ford and GM were the first to strike deals with the American electric carmaker. Several other manufacturers, including RivianVolvo, Polestar, Nissan, Honda Jaguar, and most recently, the Hyundai Motor Group, followed, lured in by access to what is easily the widest-reaching fast-charging network in America.

In December, the SAE got the ball rolling to make the Tesla connector a standard – only six months after it announced its intention to do so. About a year earlier, in November 2022, Tesla released the design of its proprietary plug and renamed it the “North American Charging Standard” or NACS before any non-proprietary harmonisation effort.


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