EU project metaCCAZE to turn green mobility initiatives into action

Launched at the beginning of 2024, the metaCCAZE innovation project focuses on user-centred, electric, automated and connected mobility and infrastructure in European cities. The project will run for four years and is funded by the EU with 24.7 million euros.

Image: metaCCAZE, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

As part of the project, 43 institutions from 12 European countries want to turn European strategies and initiatives such as the EU Green Deal, the mission for climate-neutral and smart cities and the 2ZERO and CCAM (Connected Cooperative & Automated Mobility) partnerships into concrete measures. Especially for passenger and freight services (like public transport, on-demand minibuses, bike and scooter sharing, and deliveries), as well as for the related infrastructure (such as mobility and logistics hubs, traffic management centres, and charging infrastructure).

The focus is on deploying smart systems that “combine electric, automated and connected mobility and infrastructure by developing six transferable and innovative technologies, including, amongst others, automated charging, AI-based real-time planning for autonomous fleets and low emission traffic management.”

The solutions will be tested and demonstrated in so-called Trailblazer Cities, namely Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Munich (Germany), Limassol (Cypres) and Tampere (Finland). If successful, the technologies and activities will be transferred to six so-called Follow Cities: Athens (Greece), Krakow (Poland), Gozo (Malta), Milan (Italy), Miskolc (Hungary), and the Paris region (France).

“With metaCCAZE, we have the opportunity to shape the realities of all our European cities in the years to come. Sharing the knowledge and learnings from the demonstrations in our metaCCAZE testbeds with other European cities will be crucial to ensure our vision of clean and liveable cities ultimately comes to life,” explains metaCCAZE project coordinator Dr Tamara Djukic.


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