Hyundai to develop electric version of the Casper for Europe

Hyundai wants to bring its small car Casper, which is offered as a combustion engine in South Korea, to Europe as an electric car at the end of 2024. This has now been confirmed by Hyundai's head of France, Lionel French Keogh. The electric Hyundai Casper is currently being developed in Japan, where the first prototype images are also coming from.

Image: Hyundai

As the French portal Auto Moto reports, Lionel French Keogh, the country head of Hyundai, has not only announced the arrival of the Casper small SUV on the French market, but has also hinted that the electric vehicle will benefit from the electric subsidy in France. This suggests that the BEV version will not be produced with the combustion engine version in South Korea, but together with the electric Kona in the Czech Republic.

With an electric Casper, Hyundai would be competing with the Dacia Spring and the Citroën ë-C3 in Europe. According to Auto Moto, the small Hyundai should “offer more versatility than a Dacia Spring”, which mainly refers to the Spring’s comparatively modest range of up to 230 kilometres. At the same time, the E-Casper is to remain priced at around the 20,000 euro mark.

The 3.60-metre short Casper has already been sold as a combustion engine in South Korea since 2021. However, a market launch in Europe has not been planned to date, although it would be a potential success thanks to its trendy SUV look, according to the French portal. This has changed: The first prototype images have now arrived from Japan, where the electric offshoot is being developed. Lionel French Keogh has announced the market launch in France for the end of 2024. (in French), (in Spanish, camouflaged images)


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