Rotterdam harbour opens its first high-power truck charging hub

The Port of Rotterdam opened the first truck charging hub with several specialist partners. Up to eight electric trucks can recharge with up to 360 kW charging power at the port.

Image: Kelly Alexandre

Truckparkings Rotterdam Exploitatie (TRE) handled the installation for the Port of Rotterdam Authority and built the new charging stations at the Bodaanweg truck park in the Waalhaven area of Europe’s largest seaport.

Also on board were ABB E-Mobility, Batenburg Techniek, KWS Infra, Stedin and VARO Energy, responsible for operating TRE’s charging points.

Swiss technology company ABB delivered five high-power chargers. Three columns are capable of DC charging two trucks simultaneously, while two other fast chargers offer one charge point each so that up to eight lorries can charge at the same time.

Electric trucks are freed from parking fees and can use all the truck park facilities. There is 24/7 surveillance of parking and charging bays. 

Ton Barten, Director of TRE, adds, “Carriers can schedule smart combinations by, for example, charging their trucks while drivers stay in the truck park for mandatory rest. A comfortable, safe and easy switch to sustainable transport without any loss of time.”

But also without fixed scheduling for now. “Reservations are not yet necessary for charging,” writes the port, so drivers can still drive up and announce themselves via intercom at the entry point.

However, this is likely to change. A TNO study commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority in January 2022 forecasted that around 2,000 electric trucks would hit the port area by 2030. Accommodating the fleet will require about 50 charging points.

The harbour has yet to announce further installations. In today’s statement, Boudewijn Siemons, interim CEO and COO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, just said, “Sustainable logistics is a key pillar of our strategy for a future-proof port with net zero CO2 emissions” and counted trucks charging stations among the measures.

“The more quiet, clean and sustainable trucks driving around the city and port, the better,” added Vincent Karremans, Alderman for Enforcement, Outdoor Space and Mobility of the Municipality of Rotterdam. “With this charging station, we are taking another great step forward in making the truck fleet more sustainable and making Rotterdam more liveable.”

The initiative is also part of the Rijkswaterstaat Living Labs Heavy Duty Charging Stations programme.
Rotterdam is also not the only Dutch port looking into heavy BEV infrastructure. The country’s second busiest harbour, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, has reportedly commissioned Milence to build two heavy-duty charging hubs starting in spring this year. The port expects to offer 30 truck charging points and is already considering an expansion. Milence is the megawatt charging joint venture by Daimler Truck, Volvo Group and Traton.,, (video)


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