Servotech chargers coming to BPCL pit stops across India

Servotech Power Systems has bagged a significant order of 1,800 EV chargers from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). The project will involve Servotech manufacturing and deploying the DC chargers across India on an ambitious timeline.

Image: Servotec

Naturally, the Indian EV charger manufacturer will utilise BPCL petrol stations as sites in major cities. Location aside, Servotech still aims to complete the project by the end of 2024, which may prove a stretch.

It is also unclear how many chargers the company will install on how many sites. There are two charger variants with 60 kW and 120 kW that BPCL opted for.

Servotech and BPCL had also previously worked together when the company was to supply 2,649 AC chargers for Bharat’s E-drive project. Servotech says it has delivered 36% of the order and expects completion in March of this year.

It is also the second cooperation agreement within a few months. Servotech and charge point operator Emcor Power Solutions signed an MoU in October 2023. Emcor has committed to providing Servotech with 1,000 sites across India to install their chargers. The initial phase encompasses the installation of 100 DC stations in South India, followed by expansion across the subcontinent.

Servotech says it has deployed 4,000 EV Chargers in India as of January 2024. 

Commenting on the deal with Bharat, Servotech Director Sarika Bhatia said, the initiative not only represented a “significant milestone but also paves the way for a robust and expansive charging network, essential for the future of high-capacity and rapid EV charging”.

The Indian petroleum company declared last summer that it wants to turn all its Indian pit stops into “energy stations” that offer charging for EVs.

The corporation reportedly agreed with Tata’s e-mobility division to set up 7,000 charging stations in India by next year.

BPCL operates over 21,000 fuel stations across the country, meaning the planned expansions will upgrade about one-third through 2024. 

Bharat has also initiated over 90 highway corridors to ensure a fast-charging station is available every 100 kilometres on each side of the motorway. The network will span over 30,000 kilometres across the nation.


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