Smart takes aim for the sedan segment with the #6

Smart wants to expand its range of electric cars to include other body shapes and apparently enter the saloon segment with the #6. According to a Spanish media report, the market launch of the #6 in Europe is planned for 2027.

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According to information from the Spanish portal, the Smart #6 will be a coupé-style sedan with a similar wheelbase to the Polestar 2 – one of its main competitors. Variants with one and two motors and LFP batteries for a range of over 600 kilometres are to be offered. There will also be a Brabus offshoot. However, the portal did not provide a source for this information.

Smart currently offers the #1 and #3. In 2025 and 2026, the Smart #2 as the successor to the Smart Fortwo and the compact electric Smart #4 are to follow, as reported. Among other things, the latter will compete to compensate for the demise of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The Smart #5 minivan is rumoured to be planned for 2025.

This month, Smart also put its first own ultra-fast charging station into operation in China. The charging station, designed for 800-volt electric cars, is located in Shanghai and offers up to 480 kW of power. This suggests that Smart is preparing the introduction of 800-volt electric cars. According to several media reports, 800-volt technology could make its debut at Smart in the latter Smart #5. The Smart #3 and Smart #1 models launched so far are known to be based on the 400-volt SEA platform. Although this also supports 800 volts, the van in question is said to be based on the PMA2+ platform, which is being developed by Geely and Volvo, according to unconfirmed information. (in Spanish)


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