BYD and Shell build 600 DC charging points in Brazil

Together with the Brazilian Shell subsidiary Raizen, BYD plans to build 600 new DC charging points in eight Brazilian cities over the next three years. The installation of the charging points under the Shell Recharge brand will begin this year.

Image: BYD

As BYD has announced, these will be located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Salvador and Belém. Construction is set to begin in 2024 – however, the city where the cooperation will build its first charging point is not mentioned.

Little is known about the charging points themselves. It is mentioned in the press release that they will be powered 100 per cent by renewable energy and offer users a “high-tech recharging experience.” However, the latter is doubtful. According to BYD, the 600 newly installed DC charging points will add 18 megawatts of power to the Brazilian charging network, which averages out to just 30 kW per charging point.

Even though Raizen is officially involved in the cooperation in Brazil, the 600 new charging points are part of the global charging partnership between BYD and Shell, which was concluded in March 2022. The partnership also resulted in the (at the time) world’s largest fast-charging park in Shenzhen, with 258 covered fast-charging points.

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