LS e-Mobility to manufacture EV components in Mexico

LS e-Mobility Solutions has completed the construction of a plant for the production of electric car components in Durango, Mexico. From there, the company plans to suppy the North American vehicle market.

Image: LS e-Mobility Solutions

From the new facility in Durango, LS e-Mobility aims to supply automobile manufacturers in the North American market. The South Korean company refers to supplying components for the ‘Big 3 manufacturers’, likely referring to General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. LS e-Mobility specialises in EV relays and complete BDUs (Battery Disconnect Units) and plans to manufacture them in the new facility on a gross floor area of 35,000 square metres and a production capacity for 5 million EV relays and 4 million BDUs.

This marks the company’s third factory after Cheongju, South Korea, and Wuxi, China. LS e-Mobility Solutions’ customers include Stellantis, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Volvo. Last year, LS e-Mobility Solutions signed a contract with Hyundai last August worth 250 billion won (approximately 17 million euros). The company also writes that it exceeded 1 trillion won in cumulative orders within a year after the spin-off from LS Electric in April 2022.

“In response to the needs of the North American market, which requires the establishment of local production facilities, we have built an electric vehicle parts production line in Mexico for the first time in the domestic industry,” said an unnamed spokesperson from LS e-Mobility Solutions. “By adding localization strategies to our world-class product reliability, we will grow into the top electric vehicle parts company in North America.”

“LS e-Mobility Solutions has boldly and quickly secured a production base in North America, the world’s largest electric vehicle market, and we expect great results,” said Chairman Koo. “As investment in the electric vehicle business is recognized as a necessity in the era of electrification, LS e-Mobility Solutions will grow into the top electric vehicle parts company in North America and play a key role in our future core business.”


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