BMW and MG not allowed to advertise “zero-emission” EVs

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned adverts by BMW and MG, claiming that electric cars are "zero-emission cars." The ASA considers the claims to be misleading.

Image: BMW

BMW had placed a paid Google advert with the claim ‘Zero Emissions Cars – Download Your Brochure Today.’ MG, too, had used the slogan ‘Zero Emissions’ claim in a Google advert for its electric cars. The ASA objected to both adverts due to a “misleading representation of the vehicles’ environmental impact,” the British magazine Auto Express writes.

“While we accepted this was true when driving, we determined this was misleading as they still produced emissions when manufactured or, depending on electrical source, when charging. We’ve therefore banned these ads and told BMW and MG to ensure they don’t make similar claims without robust evidence in future,” said ASA spokesman Toby King.

Incidentally, the ASA’s ban is not really relevant to the adverts themselves: Both adverts were placed last August and have since been discontinued. Perhaps for this reason, both car manufacturers have already confirmed that they will comply with the ASA’s judgement “regardless.”


about „BMW and MG not allowed to advertise “zero-emission” EVs“
Jose Planas
09.02.2024 um 18:33
The ASA ban seems illogical for a consumer product. I suppose that automakers will have to clarify the advert by adding an asterisk after zero emissions and in fine print at the bottom state: *After vehicle is manufactured".
M Welter-Moes
14.02.2024 um 14:48
what about: "Net Zero" cars

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