Octopus launches V2G tariff as a UK-first

Octopus Energy has launched what it claims to be the UK’s first mass-market-ready vehicle-to-grid tariff. The company claims its Octopus Power Pack could save an average driver about £850 a year but there are limits.

The tariff uses V2G technology and the Kraken tech platform to balance charging processes to prioritise green electricity during off-peak times.

Octopus expects drivers to plug in about six hours daily to profit from the bidirectional smart charging features; the savings are calculated on driving 10,000 miles a year on average.

For now, the rollout will be small; not only is the tariff in beta, but there are only a limited number of models with V2G capability on the market. In its FAQs, Octopus lists the Nissan Leaf, Nissan e-NV200, and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV as eligible vehicles; also charge via CHAdeMO.

The other requirement is a Wallbox Quasar 1 V2G charger, and Octopus says they are working to offer more models.

As Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility at Octopus Energy, said, “Now we have Octopus Power Pack, it’s over to car manufacturers to build the cars that are compatible with V2G technology.”

Octopus adds that the tariff works as a bolt-on that separates charging from the rest of the home and runs alongside each customer’s regular import tariff. Customers can also stack payments for solar generation on top of this tariff.

Customers can register interest in joining the tariff via an online form.



about „Octopus launches V2G tariff as a UK-first“
Steve Hackett
18.02.2024 um 09:58
Not a UK first - we’ve been on the OVO V2G tariff with an Indra bidirectional charger for nearly 5 years.
Jon Trotter
22.02.2024 um 22:07
However as an Ovo User I contacted them as no Nissan EV vehicle is compatible So we'll done Octopus
Sam P
18.02.2024 um 22:12
Bit of a shame that you need a car that uses Chademo (only really the leaf and a few other bits and bobs) and you also need to have a wall charger that costs over £6000. That is not a typo. Hard to see how you'll be making your money back on that deal unless you. Can source a second hand one very cheaply.
22.02.2024 um 21:01
Chademo is compatible for bidirectional AC by default. Its not that Octopus specifically opted to support this standard. The other, and yes more common standards, were only designed for current to flow one way.There's rumours it would only take a software update for Tesla's to support V2G, however Tesla deny this.
Richard L
20.02.2024 um 00:57
Do the savings take account of the reduced battery life and capacity resulting from the extra V2G charge/discharge cycles?
22.02.2024 um 08:10
Studies done for Nissan show that as the amount of electricity transferred back and forth is very small. The process actually improves battery health not degrades it.
20.02.2024 um 21:43
Well done Octopus for getting another part of the electric vehicle infrastructure built.I wont be buying an EV any time soon at £40g a pop, though if II was a virtue signalled, the extra £6g quoted wouldnt inflate the overall outlay all that much. Also Including a bidirectional charger in the vehicle must already add a £g or 2.
21.02.2024 um 19:12
I'm with Octopus Go I can't even get on Intelligent Octopus Go, I have a VW id3 with BP Plus wall charger, so I haven't I hope of getting on Octopus Power Pack V2G tariff
23.02.2024 um 16:11
Id3 is compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go, just say you don't have a charger during sign-up.
Alan Botelle
23.02.2024 um 09:32
It's all well and good, but I have been trying to source a v2g wallboard for my Nissan Leaf fir over a year, but nobody in the UK can supply one
25.02.2024 um 09:49
We've got a Hyundai ioniq 5 will this be compatible????
Graham Whiting
27.02.2024 um 00:08
I've been running V2G and latterly V2H for four years now and I know of a hundred plus others who have also. It started with a free charger unit made by Indra Ltd of Malvern UK and supplied by OVO on their V2G project, with government funding. Indra still run this as V2H with a neat phone e app and a special Octopus tariff, where we get paid for exporti g every day we can, between 4pm a day 7pm.
27.02.2024 um 09:35
The v2g what's the speed of charge 6kw.
Clive Shackleton
11.04.2024 um 12:50
Octopus have failed in my mind. I have a Hyundai 2&1/2 years and asked several times if I could use their cheap rate on night charging. But it appears this is only possible if you have a charger recommended by Octopus! So presumably anything they offer is subject to them supplying any kit required..

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