Finland supports Kempower’s initiative for electric truck charging ecosystem

Finnish charging hardware manufacturer Kempower has received millions in funding from the state economic development agency Business Finland for its "Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem" development programme. The goal is to create "high-power charging solutions for electric trucks."

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Specifically, Kempower will receive funding of 10 million euros over a period of five years for its “Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem” programme. In addition, Business Finland is providing 20 million euros to finance partner projects under the programme’s direction. As the initiator of the programme, Kempower is currently looking for over 60 players to join the ecosystem.

Kempower’s initiative wants to develop charging solutions for electric trucks – especially for heavy long-haul trucks. The Finns are also focussing on supporting software and test platforms for the charging infrastructure. “The program also investigates future charging models and the impact of heavy traffic charging infrastructure on power grids. During the Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem program, Kempower will initiate research and development projects in various areas, including charging technologies, digital solutions and platforms, customer applications, and future charging solutions,” says Kempower in its press release.

Kempower CEO Tomi Ristimäki states, “there is still a lack of scalable DC charging infrastructure for heavy traffic, especially long-haul trucks. The growth of electric trucks requires charging infrastructure that meets practical needs. The development of the charging ecosystem is essential because the trucks must constantly move, and electric trucks with cargo cannot wait in queue for charging.”

Kempower is trying to quickly gain a foothold in the new market. Last year, the company opened a dedicated product development centre in Vaasa, focusing on charging solutions for heavy goods vehicles. The company also launched a collaboration with LUT University in Lahti.

In October 2023, Kempower announced its first MCS product for electric trucks, offering charging capacities of up to 1.2 megawatts. A few days later, the company was selected as one of the hardware suppliers for Milence, the joint venture founded by Daimler Truck, the Traton Group and the Volvo Group to build a high-performance charging network for heavy-duty trucks and coaches in Europe. Kempower will initially supply its satellite charging systems with CCS and 400 kW power. The concept is based on lean charging stations (known as “satellites”) at the parking space. The power supply units with most of the technology can be set up further away. This concept can be particularly advantageous when retrofitting existing (lorry) parking spaces.

Milence – or officially Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe BV – is planning to develop a European fast-charging network for heavy commercial vehicles such as long-haul trucks and coaches on behalf of its shareholders Daimler Truck, Traton and the Volvo Group. The aim is to install 1,700 such charging points within five years – i.e. by the end of 2027.


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