Ineos unveils Fusilier electric off-road vehicle

Ineos Automotive has unveiled the electrically powered Fusilier - the off-road brand's third model. The new off-road vehicle has two drive options: a fully electric drive and an electric drive with range extender.

Image: Ineos

The range extender option includes a small petrol engine that drives a generator to maintain the battery’s state of charge when no external charging option is available. As the Ineos off-road vehicles are all designed for intensive off-road use, the range extender makes good sense.

However, Ineos Automotive is not yet providing performance data for the two drive options. Details of the drive system and the market launch schedule are to be confirmed in autumn 2024.

The Ineos Fusilier is being developed in collaboration with automotive supplier Magna, which will manufacture the model in Graz. The first two models, the Grenadier, which is positioned above the Fusilier, and the Quartermaster pickup have already been developed in collaboration with Magna – although these are still combustion engines.

“As we developed this vehicle, we quickly concluded that in order to move towards decarbonisation but continue making cars that consumers want to drive, we need a mix of powertrain technologies,” says Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe. “BEVs are perfect for certain uses: shorter trips and urban deliveries, but industry and governments need to have realistic expectations around other technologies that can help accelerate the necessary pace of change. That is the reason we are offering an additional powertrain for the Fusilier, one that dramatically reduces emissions but has the range and refuelling capabilities needed.”


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