Zeekr is launching a model update for the 001

The Geely brand Zeekr has launched a revised version of its Zeekr 001 in China, which is also available in Europe. The new edition of the electric model, which has sold more than 160,000 units to date, has been technically improved and costs less than its predecessor.

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The Zeekr 001 is a luxury-class electric shooting brake based on the SEA from Geely. The model went into series production in October 2021 and the technology was slightly adapted in 2023 when the first 001 was delivered with the Qilin battery from CATL. The Qilin battery is the latest generation of CATL’s cell-to-pack technology. Thanks to improvements in energy density, 140 kWh of energy content is possible in the 001, which provides a range of 1,032 kilometres in the Chinese standard.

The most important feature of the revised model, which has now been unveiled at an event in Hangzhou, is the switch from the previous 400-volt architecture to an 800-volt system. Zeekr had already presented the 007 mid-range saloon with a system voltage of 800 volts in November 2023. However, the 007 uses a platform called PMA2+, which was developed by Geely and Volvo, which means it is not based on the SEA like the 001.

The charging data achieved by the revised 001 with 800 volts and also new batteries is quite impressive. It was only in December that Zeekr presented a 110 kWh LFP battery with a charging rate of 4.5C for the 007. Car News China now writes that there is even an LFP battery with 5C in the 001, which can be charged from ten to 80 per cent in 11.5 minutes. The NMC battery (with a higher energy density for a longer range), which is also available, can be charged to 80 per cent in 15 minutes with its 4C charging system.

The LFP battery is therefore 95 kWh in size and provides a CLTC range of up to 675 kilometres, while the NMC battery has 100 kWh and offers 705 to 750 kilometres according to CLTC, depending on the drive. The LFP battery is the Shenxing battery from CATL, while the NMC battery uses the aforementioned Qilin battery.

In terms of the drive, the revised model is based on the powerful 001 FR. All 001 models now adopt the 310 kW PSM on the rear axle from this sports model. The all-wheel drive models also have a 270 kW ASM on the front axle. The system output is up to 580 kW – in 2021, the 001 was presented with a 400 kW all-wheel drive system.

The revised 001 also adopts some elements from the sporty FR offshoot in terms of looks. The bumpers are slightly more aggressive, and there is also a new rear spoiler and a lidar sensor on the roof. The 001 is 4.98 meters long, two meters wide, 1.55 meters high and has a wheelbase of three meters. There are also some innovations in the interior, such as the steering wheel inspired by the FR, a new instrument cluster and a new color scheme.

Despite the better technical data on paper, the 001 will be cheaper in China: the base models are available from 269,000 yuan (34,470 euros), compared to at least 300,000 yuan previously. The top model, the ‘You’ variant, is listed at 329,000 yuan (42,160 euros). It is not known when the revised model will come to Europe. In Europe, the 001 has only been delivered since December 2023. Further markets are to be reached over the course of 2024, though.



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