Retrofit refrigerator unit for electric vans

Thermo King provides transport temperature controls and launched a new series for electric light commercial vehicles. The E-500e offers electrically powered refrigeration while minimising the impact on the battery and EV range.

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This implies that the E-500e is powered directly by the vehicle’s battery, which used to be an issue in early electric vans.

ThermoKing says it worked around it with custom-designed inverter technology, a patented power control system, and real-time communication between the unit and the vehicle. According to the company, the technology maximises the cooling performance, energy efficiency and power supply with minimal impact on the vehicle’s autonomy.

A compressor with RPM independent of the vehicle’s speed generates an electric cooling capacity of up to 4.5 kW in both cooling and heating modes. Drivers can also keep their refrigeration unit running while their battery-electric vehicle is charging or stationed at a delivery stop.

The units can be retrofitted on panel vans, chassis cab trucks and other vehicle conversions thanks to the compact design, which ThermoKing claims has half the weight of an equivalent legacy unit. The company adds that lower weight again means a reduced impact on the battery-electric vehicle’s range and maximises the vehicle’s payload, increasing operational flexibility and bottom line.

“For this model, we went back to the drawing board, keeping our customers’ and the environment’s needs at heart,” said Davide Fusciani, product manager of ThermoKing. “We are now starting the production of the E-500e single and multi-temperature units, and more models will follow,” he said.

ThermoKing is a brand of Trane Technologies that started out as a plumbing business in 1885. The company was incorporated after inventing a low-pressure steam heating system. It went on to launch products like Turbovac, a type of water chiller that altered the industry’s approach to large-building air conditioning systems. Trane acquired ThermoKIng in 1997.

The company in 2022 partnered with Lion Electric to provide fully electrified refrigerated, dry freight and aluminium stake body options for the Lion6 electric urban truck.


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