Dacia confirms next Sandero generation will also be electric

The next-generation Dacia Sandero will also have a purely electric offshoot. This rumour, which has been circulating since last year, has now been confirmed by brand boss Denis Le Vot.

Image: Dacia

The Sandero remains Dacia’s best-selling vehicle, with around 235,000 sales over 2023. It is also the second best-selling vehicle in Europe over the same period, however, still does not have an electrified option. Dacia remains true to form and is arriving a bit late to the party, but now has revealed plans to release a battery-electric variant of the vehicle with its next generation in 2027 or 2028, just in time for the EU regulation requiring manufacturers to go electric.

“The next-generation Sandero will have internal combustion engine, but it will also have an electric version,” brand boss Denis Le Vot explained. He expanded a little on the dimensions, but kept things vague: “The next-generation Sandero will be a huge car.” Furthermore, Le Vot also made a statement as to the affordability of electric cars: “It’s not really about the A- or B-segment [minicar or small], but about bringing affordable electromobility to the market.”

Just a few days ago, Dacia announced an update for its Spring electric vehicle model, which will also be available in the UK for the first time. The exact prices have not been announced, but Le Vot said that the price will average €20,000 in Europe, “even in less certain markets.”

There was also mention of the Duster SUV model, which will be available with a 140-hp E-Tech full-hybrid drivetrain and will start at “just less than €20,000.” A compact SUV based on the CMF-B platform will be released in 2025 titled ‘Bigster’, which is intended to be “more of a “cruising” vehicle than the Duster,” according to Le Vot.

Additionally, Dacia is looking to shake up its production lines: All Sandero and Jogger production is to be moved to Morocco, while Dacia’s main factory in Pitesti, Romania, will build the Duster and Bigster.



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