Asahi Kasei Microdevices kicks off sensor production in Japan

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has started the mass production of coreless current sensors from the CZ39 series.

Image: Asahi Kasei

According to the manufacturer, these are particularly suitable for applications in electric vehicles due to their response time of 100ns, their low heat generation and their immunity to interference. The CZ39 series enables the implementation of significantly smaller, lighter and more accurate on-board charging systems.

The company also points to the reduced heat generation in the device, which is done via a “unique packaging”, “that achieves a primary conductor resistance of only 0.3 mΩ. Even under continuous 40 Arms (Ampere root mean square) current flow at an ambient temperature of 125ºC, heat generation is minimal, greatly reducing the need for bulky thermal management measures. Additionally, the structure of the package provides sufficient creepage and clearance distances for use in applications above 650 V.”

Asahi Kasei has been building up technical component research and production capacities, for example announcing a global separator production capacity increase last October. A few months prior, the Japanese company had revealed intentions to license a new LiC process. In 2019, Asahi has placed a major investment in membrane separators.


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