France: EDF brings investor Morrison on board for large-scale HPC rollout

French energy group EDF is cooperating with infrastructure investor Morrison to invest up to 450 million euros in constructing almost 8,000 high-power charge points in France by 2030 via a joint financing platform. EDF subsidiary Izivia will operate the HPC stations.

Image: Izivia

The HPC chargers financed through the cooperation will be installed on roads or in publicly accessible private car parks. The partners still need to provide information on the planned charging capacity. EDF and Morrison also still need to comment on the starting date for the rollout. According to the partners, the initiative is driven by the estimate that the number of electric vehicles in France will increase to around 6.5 million units by 2030, equivalent to an annual electricity demand of approximately 15 TWh.

EDF’s wholly-owned electromobility subsidiary Izivia will be responsible for the rollout. It was founded in 1998 and operated under the name Sodetrel for a long time before being renamed Izivia in 2018. Its business focus has varied over the years. The company is now active as a charging network operator, service provider and full-service provider of charging infrastructure. Izivia recently announced a deal with McDonald’s, according to which 2,000 HPC chargers will be installed in the fast food chain’s car parks in France by 2025. As part of the new financial alliance with Morrison, the focus will now be increasingly on publicly accessible charging infrastructure.

“Transport is the leading sector emitting greenhouse gases in France, and its decarbonisation constitutes a major challenge for the EDF group and Izivia,” says Jean-Philippe Laurent, Head of Business Development Strategy at EDF. “Thanks to Morrison and this strategic partnership, we are strengthening our strategic position in the operation of charging stations accessible to the public. We are convinced that the development of fast charging will accelerate the deployment of electric mobility.”

Pia Lambert, Executive Director at Morrison, adds: “We are delighted to partner with EDF Group and its subsidiary Izivia, a major French charging station operator for electric vehicles. This project represents another important milestone for Morrison in the European market.,


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