Audi opens sixth charging hub in Frankfurt

The Ingolstadt-based company has now opened its sixth own fast-charging location. On Orber Straße in Frankfurt am Main, electric cars of all brands can be charged barrier-free at four HPC charging points of the new Audi Charging Hub with up to 320 kW.

Image: Audi

The site has four fast-charging points with a capacity of up to 320 kW that can be reserved in advance. Audi also uses second-life batteries from dismantled test vehicles for the charging hub. “As a result, Audi can use the low voltage connection available on site and does not need to install an additional transformer,” the Ingolstadt-based company explains. And further: “With temporary storage capacity, a total of about 1.05 megawatt hours of energy is available for the four charging points – enough to hypothetically charge 60 vehicles without interruption.”

Unlike in Nuremberg and Zurich, Audi decided against an additional lounge on the upper floor here and instead implemented a simpler version similar to the charging hubs in Munich, Berlin and Salzburg – for good reason.

The listed factory premises of cooperation partner Klassikstadt Frankfurt offer an “internationally renowned collection of classic and modern classics as well as numerous services”. Guests should be able to “enjoy a varied selection of snacks, drinks and hot meals in a cosy atmosphere”.

Like all other Audi Charging Hubs, this location is also “designed without barriers”: a swivel arm, the patent for which is pending according to Audi, height-adjustable displays and “sufficient space for manoeuvring with wheelchairs, for example, also make charging easy for people with physical disabilities”. The swivel arm is designed to reduce the weight of the charging cable by around 60 per cent. An automatic retraction system is designed to prevent the charging cable from becoming a tripping hazard or blocking the path for wheelchair users.

Following tests in Berlin and Munich, a customer service concept will also be used for the first time in Frankfurt, in which specially trained staff will provide tips and assistance via camera. The carers will be able to check the charging process remotely. If difficulties arise during authentication, they will point out the option of paying by credit card, for example. Audi also offers assistance in setting up Plug&Charge. The service can be accessed via a hotline, “An offer that was very well received during the test phase,” says Nikolai Senst, who is responsible for the rollout management of the Audi Charging Hubs at Audi.

“In Frankfurt, we’re expecting about 5,000 charging operations per year,” says Senst. “We anticipate there will be a similarly high rate of return customers as at the other locations.” In Nuremberg, where Audi has been operating the Audi Charging Hub with six charging points and a 200 square metre lounge above it since December 2021, the return rate is around 70 per cent.


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