Audi opens high-power charging hub in Munich

Audi has put another of its own fast-charging locations into operation. The new location in the Obersendling district of Munich is now the fifth Audi Charging Hub and the third in Germany.

The location has four fast-charging points that can be reserved in advance with up to 320 kW of power. Unlike in Nuremberg and Zurich, Audi decided against an additional lounge on the upper floor here and instead implemented a simpler version similar to the Charging Hubs in Berlin and in Salzburg.

This is because the Charging Hub is located in the south of Munich “in a residential area with attractive shopping facilities, restaurants and cafés as well as sports and leisure facilities”. In other words: unlike in Nuremberg, for example (located in the trade fair car park on the motorway), Audi assumes that customers here will not be in or near the car during the charging process, but in the surrounding area.

“With what is now our fifth Audi charging hub, we are defining a new performance standard for charging in urban residential areas,” says Bastian Geretshauser, Project Manager Audi Charging Hub Munich. “This Audi charging hub welcomes all vehicle brands.”

There are, however, price advantages for drivers of an electric Audi; here, 0.35€/kWh is charged, while third-party chargers pay €0.50/kWh ad hoc by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Incidentally, customers of other VW brands who can use the Audi locations via their brand’s charging service also pay the same 50 cents. The Audi Charging Hubs are part of the ‘Selected Partner Network’ introduced in May – as is the case with Ionity.

According to Audi, the four fast chargers should hardly put a strain on the power grid in the Munich residential area, because the new Charging Hub also has buffer batteries in the so-called ‘Power Cubes’, which consist of used lithium-ion batteries from former research vehicles. “Thanks to this solution, we achieve an impressive energy capacity of 1.05 megawatt hours,” explains Geretshauser. “Theoretically, this would be enough to charge 60 vehicles without interruption before the charging power begins to slowly decrease.”


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