LG Energy Solution launches scooter battery swapping network with Kooroo

LG Energy Solution is launching an electric scooter battery swapping network in South Korea together with its subsidiary Kooroo. The venture started out as a pilot project, which was particularly successful with delivery drivers.

Image: LG Energy Solution

The South Korean battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution is launching a business with battery exchange stations for electric two-wheelers via its subsidiary Kooroo, which is aimed at delivery services. The service enables drivers to swap their batteries for fully charged ones in around 20 seconds.

The process is launched via Kooroo’s mobile app, which is capable of displaying congestion levels at battery-swapping stations, and “allows for reservations and integrates with navigation systems for safe driving to stations.”

So far, Kooroo has installed around 180 battery swap stations in two districts of Seoul and aims to expand its network to 1,000 stations in the South Korean capital and neighbouring cities by 2025.

Kooroo advertises that it stands ahead of the competition due to its advantages in cost savings. “A conventional two-wheeler incurs about 470,000 won ($350) per month, including fuel costs and insurance, for a daily commute of 125 km,” the company wrote. “By integrating LGES’ technology with electric two-wheelers, which are noise and emission-free, our service has greatly improved convenience and safety,” said Kooroo CEO Park Chan-woo.

“Kooroo’s service has significantly enhanced convenience and safety by combining LG Energy’s technology and electric two-wheelers, which are free from noise and fumes,” said a Kooroo spokesperson, adding: “We will take the lead in creating a two-wheeler ecosystem that prioritizes differentiated customer values such as environment and safety.”

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