USA: Ford reveals 2024 E-Transit with improved and charging speed

Ford launched the 2024 version of its E-Transit electric transporter van in the US. It has a longer range and can charge faster on both AC and DC connections. Deliveries will later this year.

Image: Ford

With the 2024 model year, Ford is updating the E-Transit for the US market with a bigger 89kWh battery, about 21 kWh more than the previous model. There is also a difference between the high-roof model and the low-roof variant in terms of range, as the high-roof version’s range has increased by about 30 per cent, while the low-roof variant only manages to go 26 per cent further, for a total range of 159 miles.

Charging behaviour is the other major update to the electric transporter van, which now is capable of charging up to 178 kW on a DC fast charger, allowing for up to 67 miles to be charged in 15 minutes, compared to the 47 miles that were possible on the previous edition. AC charging has also been improved to manage a full charge in six hours and eleven minutes on an 80 amp charging station, which is 22 per cent faster than before.

The order books for the 2024 E-Transit are to open this spring, with deliveries expected to start later this year. Prices for the E-Transit start at $51,095 before destination fees, which is $1,100 more than last year’s base price. The E-Transit qualifies for the federal EV tax credit, which helps shave $7,500 off the price, and can likely also qualify for other green incentives in various regions.

“We’ve assembled more than 1.2 million Transit vans in the last 10 years, and 99% of Transits are still on the road, working hard for customers today,” said Tim Baughman, Ford Pro general manager. “It’s America’s bestselling commercial van because it’s Built Ford Tough, and businesses on every streetcorner rely on Transit to keep the country moving—from plumbing to carpentry and yes, delivery, too.”,,


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