Octopus Energy partners with SSE Energy Solutions

Octopus Energy is adding SSE Energy Solutions' charge points to its roaming platform 'Electroverse.' SSE wants to install 500 fast chargers in Ireland and the UK by 2030.

Image: SSE Energy Solutions

All sites will have charging stations that can deliver up to 150 kW and will be powered by “traceable, renewable energy,” SSE writes in its press release. The company also says that several sites are already operational or under construction.

Moreover, SSE is planning a charging hub for electric trucks at Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham. It will have room for up to four electric trucks to charge simultaneously. According to SSE, the site will also offer “a range of alternative sustainable fuels that aim to reduce carbon emissions.”

“This partnership accelerates our mission to build a smart, flexible charging infrastructure enabling the mass adoption of EVs,” says Simon Pickett, Head of EV Assets and Technology at SSE Energy Solutions. “We already have an agreement with another charge card operator in Paua and hope to announce more partnerships soon.”

SSE opened its first ultra-rapid charging hub in the Scottish city of Glasgow in 2022. The British utility also announced that it would invest 35 million euros in installing 30 HPC charging hubs in Ireland by 2026.



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