Hyundai Mobis reconsiders the hood on electric cars

Hyundai Mobis has developed an "integrated front module" for electric vehicles. It retains the traditional design of the radiator grille, but is also intended to "reduce drag and ensure design diversity", which the Korean company believes is jeopardised by the ubiquitous streamlined shape.

Image: Hyundai Mobis

According to the supplier, which is part of the Hyundai Motor Group, improving aerodynamic performance to reduce drag is becoming increasingly important in the age of electromobility. This is why the South Korean company has turned its attention to the front of the vehicle, namely the area of the vehicle where the lights, radiator grille and bonnet are located in classic combustion engines.

The most striking feature of the new module is its ability to automatically open and close parts such as the radiator grille and bonnet, which reduces air resistance at high speeds and improves the so-called ECE value. “This system, which allows the intake of external air and the exhaust of air after heat exchange, improves battery cooling efficiency, and controls the airflow. This combined aerodynamic system extends the electric vehicle’s range by approximately 20 km,” Hyundai Mobis writes. The technology is particularly beneficial for SUV and CUV electric vehicles where lowering the vehicle height is a challenge.

Other features of the front module include a lidar that only protrudes outwards while driving to protect the design and sensors, as well as an automatic charger function that retrieves the charger when charging is complete.


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