Microlino makes it into e-car sharing in Madrid

The Swiss microcar is being used in car-sharing for the first time; however, it is on a scale as small as the car, which is actually not a car. Regardless, Astara, Microlino’s distributor in Germany and Spain, has added ten Microlinos to its new service in Madrid.

Image: Astara

Called GoTo-Astara Move, the company claims it is the first service to incorporate the “100% electric micro category”. 

Carlos Reina, head of Astara Move, said the decision doubled down on the commitment to “make more options available to the people of Madrid to move in electric-powered vehicles, in harmony with the city and pedestrians. He also called it a “completely pioneering service” since the Microlino is a light electric vehicle (L7e) and not a classic car. 

Astara has been offering the Microlino in Spain on a monthly subscription basis since July 2023. Prices start from 430 euros/month for 18 months. Those who opt for just one month pay 519 euros. The price already includes insurance, maintenance and taxes.

As for the car-sharing service, the electric two-seaters in Dolce design can now be hired for 0.17 euros per minute or 11 euros per hour in Madrid.

To mark the launch of the shared Microlino, Astara is running a campaign for users to win up to 300 euros in credits if they find the whereabouts of the Microlino from clues published on the company’s social networks. In addition, first-month subscribers can win a one-month Microlino.

Microlino is a Swiss brand which manufactures its Isetta-inspired mini EV in Turin, Italy. The light electric vehicle offers a range of 177 km, a top speed of 90 km/h and a boot capacity of 230 litres. The Microlino has been designed for cities but can be driven on any road, including motorways.

The company also released the Microlino Lite this year, a category L6e cabin scooter to which moped regulations apply.



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