CEC & partners announce V2G project in California

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded BorgWarner and project partners Fermata Energy and Lion Electric a $3 million grant for an innovative Vehicle-to-Grid project.

Image: Lion Electric

By working with BorgWarner, Fermata Energy and Lion Electric, the CEC will support the strengthening and decarbonization of California’s grid while pairing a fleet of electric school buses with AI-powered V2G technology. This project is planned to enable electric school bus batteries to support the grid with additional power during emergency events when parked and to generate revenue through participation in demand response programs and other value streams to lower the vehicles’ Total Cost of Ownership.

Under the agreement, BorgWarner will supply 21 125 kW CCS chargers, coupled with a minimum of 20 Lion electric school buses. According to the initiators, “Some California school districts already have electric school buses that are ready to take advantage of Vehicle-to-Grid integration (VGI) benefits, with many more electric school buses expected to be ordered throughout the state in the near future.” Fermata will provide the final piece to the puzzle, by integrating its Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) software platform to optimize and manage the charging and discharging of the buses to maximize grid benefits and V2X revenue for the school districts.

“This CEC grant and project underscores the power of partnerships and our collective dedication to sustainability as we deploy this cutting-edge V2G bidirectional hardware and software solution,” said Tony Posawatz, CEO of Fermata Energy. “Together, we are advancing electric vehicle integration and grid support in California schools while enabling a viable path toward renewable energy for future generations.”

“The investment from the CEC for V2G-dedicated projects is a testament to the significance of this emerging technology and how collaborating with Fermata Energy and BorgWarner is helping address the demands of electrification,” added Nate Baguio, Senior Vice President of Commercial Development at Lion Electric. “We have been at the forefront of shaping the V2G business case for several years in California and the United States, and these partnerships are vital for the future of clean energy transportation.”

A similar project is underway in Canada, where the V2G project with electric coaches as a power grid source was announced last December.



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