USA: Fisker slashes prices for the 2023 Fisker Ocean

Fisker has reduced the prices significantly for the 2023 model year of the Fisker Ocean SUV. In some cases, by as much as 24,000 dollars. This comes as the carmaker is facing possible bankruptcy.

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In the US, the Fisker Ocean Ultra trims are now available for 34,999 dollars. The previous price tag showed 52,999 dollars, so it now costs 18,000 dollars less. The 2023 Sport trims have also gotten significantly cheaper, now starting at 24,999 dollars (initially 38,999 dollars).

The most significant price drop concerns the Extreme trims. It currently starts at 61,499 dollars and will now be available for as little as 37,499 dollars. That means Fisker is willing to discount the variant by as much as 24,000 dollars.

The new prices will go into effect Friday, 29 March, and are only valid in the US. All 2023 models come with Fisker’s latest 2024 Ocean OS software version 2.0. And “Ocean vehicles come equipped with as much as $7,000 worth of additional options – such as colours, 22″ wheels, interiors, and other options – included in the discounted price.”

Fisker is obviously trying to empty its warehouses. The US carmaker has previously sold its EVs to customers directly. However, in November 2024, the company admitted that its service and delivery structure could not keep up with production, meaning it took too long to deliver the electric SUVs to customers. In January, Fisker announced it would work with dealerships in North America and Europe on top of its direct sales approach.

This all comes as Fisker is struggling financially. The manufacturer’s insolvency is becoming more likely. It had been in talks with a major car manufacturer about a strategic partnership, but negotiations have failed. The New York Stock Exchange thus suspended trading in Fisker shares and plans to delist the electric car manufacturer due to the “unusually low” value of its shares.

Just a few days prior, Fisker announced that it was pausing production of the Ocean SUV at the Magna plant in Graz for six weeks. Officially, it was intended to “to align inventory levels.” However, in view of the known financial situation, there were already fears at the time that Fisker might not have enough money to continue contract manufacturing. In January, not a single copy of the Ocean had been built. If production of the only model and sales driver is interrupted, this emphasises the seriousness of the situation.

Fisker Inc. was founded in 2016 and went public via a SPAC merger – with a valuation of 2.9 billion dollars. Fisker Inc. is the second automotive company founded by Henrik Fisker. The first company, Fisker Automotive, had developed a range extender saloon. However, the company did not survive the 2008 financial crisis and was declared insolvent in 2013 despite millions in loans from the US government and a sale to investors.


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