Fisker hits production target and adjusts its distribution strategy

Fisker produced 10,142 units of its electric SUV Ocean in 2023 and delivered around 4,700. The electric carmaker thus achieved its revised production target of just over 10,000 units. It also announced that it will move away from its strict direct sales approach.

Image: Fisker

Fisker had repeatedly lowered its production target for the past year. The last adjustment was made in December when the EV maker announced that it expects to produce just over 10,000 units of the Ocean SUV. The carmaker then said it wanted to “prioritize liquidity and free up over 300 million US dollars in working capital, which creates additional business flexibility.”

However, it had previously lowered the production target in November, August, and May 2023. Initially, Fisker aimed to manufacture more than 42,000 units of its electric car.

In November, Fisker admitted that its service and delivery structure could not keep up with production, meaning that it took too long to deliver the electric SUVs to customers. Now, the company says it will work with dealerships on top of its direct sales approach.

Fisker expects to have about 100 dealership locations in Europe and North America – 50 in the US and Canada, and 50 in Europe. The company was not more specific about possible locations but expects to deliver the first Fisker Ocean to dealers by the end of Q1 2024.

“As a high-growth startup, Fisker is transforming its strategic efforts by putting in place the brand accessibility and sales channels required to satisfy increasing demand for the Fisker Ocean and to prepare for launch of additional future models,” says Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker. “In keeping with our asset-light strategy, I expect the Dealer Partnership model should enable Fisker to expand its sales and delivery network at a faster pace.”

According to a media statement, Fisker has been in discussion with potential dealers since November 2023.

Fisker currently has only two showrooms, or Fisker Lounges, in North America – one in Los Angeles and the other in New York. In Europe, there are so-called Fisker Centre+ in Copenhagen (Denmark), Frankfurt and Duesseldorf (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), London and Milton Keynes (UK), Vienna (Austria), Rotterdam (The Netherlands). There is also a Fisker Lounge in Munich. (production and delivery figures), (distribution strategy)


about „Fisker hits production target and adjusts its distribution strategy“
08.01.2024 um 08:22
What a need dealers. But there's a lot of competition out there for the best and only so many who have the skills and staff to take on multiple brands. With the Chinese on the way, some brands are going to struggle to achieve any meaningful presence.
09.01.2024 um 20:21
This is a good move for Fisker, allowing flexibility in relation to getting cars to customers, in the way that suits the customer best, based on their location. This is good news for Fisker.

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