Xpeng adds the G6 electric SUV coupé to its European lineup

Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has announced the launch of its third model in Europe. The coupé-like electric SUV Xpeng G6, which has been available in China since last year, can be ordered in Europe from May and will hit the road in Q3/2024.

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In China, Xpeng launched the G6 last summer as a competitor to the Tesla Model Y with considerably lower prices starting at 209,000 yuan, the equivalent of around 26,600 euros. Xpeng prices in Europe will be announced at the end of April. Xpeng has yet to specify in which European countries the model will be available but has said that it plans to enter the German market for the first time next month. From May, customers there can test drive and order the P7 saloon and the G9 SUV from authorised dealers. It remains to be seen whether the G6 will follow.

For Xpeng, the G6 is the fifth model in its portfolio. The Chinese electric car manufacturer unveiled the five-seater in April 2023 at Auto China in Shanghai. The coupé-style electric SUV is the first Xpeng model based on the new 800-volt SEPA 2.0 platform, unveiled the day before Auto China. The rear-wheel drive comes standard, and customers can opt for an all-wheel drive variant. The base model delivers 190 kW and 440 Nm, the single-engine long-range version 210 kW and 440 Nm and the all-wheel drive model 350 kW and 660 Nm. In the latter case, it should be possible to accelerate to 100 kph in four seconds. According to Xpeng, all variants can reach speeds of up to 200 kph.

In terms of batteries, buyers of the G6 have the choice between a smaller LFP battery with 66 kWh, which should enable a WLTP range of up to 435 kilometres, and a larger NCM battery with 87.5 kWh for a range of 550 to 570 kilometres according to WLTP. However, the large battery is standard in the all-wheel drive model. In terms of charging performance, Xpeng states that the 800-volt architecture ensures fast charging with up to 280 kW. Therefore, the charging process from 10 to 80 per cent should take “less than 20 minutes.”

Other features of the G6 mentioned by the Chinese manufacturer include a boot capacity of 571 litres and a wheelbase of 2.89 metres. The other dimensions are not mentioned. However, they are likely to be identical to those of the Chinese model. The latter has a length of 4.75 metres, a width of 1.92 metres and a height of 1.65 metres – with the aforementioned wheelbase of 2,890 mm. That means the model is almost the same size as the Tesla Model Y, which is only 2.5 centimetres lower.

In the interior, Xpeng opted for high-quality materials. The infotainment system runs on the latest version of the company’s own Xmart OS operating system. The most important driving information is shown on a 10.2-inch display in front of the driver. All other functions can be controlled via a central 15-inch screen.

The SUV comes with a heat pump, a V2L connection, 20-inch wheels with Michelin tyres, a large panoramic glass roof, multi-adjustable, heated seats upholstered in artificial leather, ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, 4 USB ports, two 50 W induction charging stations for smartphones, a 960 W audio system with 18 speakers and an extensive app library as standard. The only options available at extra cost are an electrically extendable trailer coupling and a range of exterior colours.

According to the manufacturer, the G6 can be ordered in Europe starting in May and will be available in European Xpeng stores in the third quarter of this year. Further information on prices and technical data will follow at the end of this month.

In addition to this Europe-specific information, we know from the models already available in China that the battery is integrated directly into the body of the G6. Xpeng will thus offer two single-engine versions (one with LFP and one with NMC batteries) and an all-wheel drive version with an additional 140 kW motor and NMC batteries in China.



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