UK: Volvo Cars announces new EC40 and EX40 variant

Volvo has confirmed the pricing and specifications for its renamed EC40 and EX40 models in the UK. Pricing starts at £52,555 and £45,955, respectively. The carmaker also introduced a new Single Motor Extended Range powertrain for both models.

Image: Volvo

The new variant has a 78 kWh battery (75 kWh usable) and a rear-wheel drive with 408 hp for the EC40 and 442 hp for the EX40. With the range extender, the vehicles will be able to drive up to 346 and 343 miles, respectively. That corresponds to 557 and 552 kilometres.

The vehicles are already available as a rear-wheel and an all-wheel variant. The latter now comes with an “optional Performance software upgrade,” increasing the maximum output from 408hp to 442hp. Volvo specifies that “this software upgrade will also be available to existing owners of previous-model-year.” However, the carmaker has yet to reveal the exact launch date as well as prices.

Speaking of which, in the UK, the EC40 and EX40 are available starting at £52,555 and £45,955, respectively. In both cases, that is the price for the “Single Motor” variant, the “Single Motor Plus” for the EC40 and the “Single Motor Core” for the EX40. The newly introduced “Single Motor Extended Range” starts at 54,305 pounds in the case of the EC40 and 47,705 pounds of the EX40.

Volvo Cars announced in February that it would standardise the model names of its electric cars. So the change of names for model in the UK is in line with that. The newly introduced abbreviation EX for SUV or EC for SUV coupés.


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Mr Lorenzo Pozella
12.04.2024 um 13:32
Sorry love xc40 but the mild hybrid is a waste of time unless you drive every day electric forget it best way forward at present is full hybrid. We are with Motorbility but now cannot get xc40 normal so looking for either full petrol or full hybrid Volvo do neither. Under motorbility electric far too expensive What does that tell you?
14.04.2024 um 11:20
These cars are full electric not hybrid or ICE at all.
14.04.2024 um 05:45
Totally agree, full electric too exapensive and mild hybrids are pathetic. Hybrid such as Toyota RAV4 is price sensible and gives the distance. Not sure why Volvo has an issue with Hybrids. Nissian e-Power is a solid technical Hybrid solution!

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