Self-driving scooter: April Fool’s joke could hit the road

On 1 April, Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced India's first self-driving electric scooter. It was obviously a joke - but it doesn't have to stay one.

Image: Ola Electric

As Aggarwal now announced on X, formerly known as Twitter, that his company is actually working on the technology behind the “Ola Solo” and has even prototyped it. “Ola Solo is a glimpse into the future of mobility and our engineering teams are working on autonomous and self-balancing tech in two wheelers which you’ll see if future products from us,” the CEO wrote.

Now, there is no confirmation if the prototype (or final product) will hold up to what was promised in the video published for April Fool’s Day. It says that the Ola Solo has “Quicki.AI,” allowing it to make decisions in a split second. It uses it to navigate traffic and to find the nearest hypercharger when the battery gets too low.

One feature that a real version of the autonomous scooter probably won’t come with is the capability to hold “small talk with other vehicles,” as promised in the April Fool’s Day video. It is also not very likely that this “revolution on wheels” will pick up the groceries for its owner. But that would make it no less revolutionary if it actually hits the streets of India or anywhere else. (April Fool’s), (confirmation)


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