Liège gets 32 electric buses and a new depot

In Belgium, the Walloon government is investing 105 million euros in the procurement of electric buses and the associated charging infrastructure. The electrically powered 18 and 24 metre buses will be stationed in Tilleur, a district of Saint-Nicolas in the Walloon province of Liège.

Image: TEC

The grant of 105 million euros will go towards the procurement of 32 electric buses – specifically 14 articulated buses and 18 double-articulated buses – and the construction of the region’s first electrified bus depot. Called Mobi’Park, the depot of the public transport operator TEC (Transport en Commun) is being built in Tilleur, a district of Saint-Nicolas in the province of Liège.

According to media reports, the depot will house 33 charging stations – including a fast charging station. In addition, a further fast-charging station is to be installed at a terminus so that buses can be temporarily charged during operation. In principle, the Mobi’Park will accommodate three of the four busway lines planned in the Liège region. It will be the first electrified depot in Wallonia and the second largest TEC depot.

Incidentally, the previous TEC depot in Jemeppe-sur-Meuse will be replaced by the Mobi’Park as it is “unsuitable and outdated”, according to the reports., (both in French)


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