Tesla lowers basic charging fee for 3rd-party vehicles at Superchargers

Tesla has changed the pricing structure for its fast-charging network in Europe. The membership fee, which allows electric cars from other brands to be charged at Superchargers at a reduced rate, has been reduced from €12.99 to €9.99 per month. Alternatively, there is a new annual membership for 100 euros per year.

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For Tesla drivers, the changes are practically non-existent: They will automatically be treated as a member and charge at discounted rates per kilowatt-hour. “With this change, Tesla owners will continue to enjoy a seamless and fully integrated fast-charging experience at lower member prices than non-members, while all other EV drivers will have more options to choose from,” Tesla wrote in a statement.

Drivers of other brands can also continue to charge at Superchargers without a monthly fee, but will pay more per kilowatt hour than Tesla drivers. Depending on the location and time of day, prices in Germany are between €0.55 and €0.68 per kWh. However, it is cheaper with a membership. Prices can then fall to around €0.42 and €0.51 per kilowatt hour.

Previously, the basic fee for this membership was 12.99 euros/month. From now on, Tesla is only charging 9.99 euros/month at charging stations across Europe. The car manufacturer is also offering a new annual membership at a price of 100 euros/year, which corresponds to a discount of 16 per cent compared to a monthly membership. Since 13 April, all European customers have also been able to use this membership model.

Drivers of other brands still need the Tesla app to be able to charge their non-brand vehicles at the Superchargers. Users can activate the respective stall via the app, and billing takes place via the payment method stored in the required Tesla account.

There are currently more than 14,000 Superchargers at over 1,100 locations in 30 European countries. There are over 3,600 Superchargers at more than 200 locations in Germany alone, of which around 99 per cent are accessible to non-Tesla vehicles. Membership could therefore also be of interest to non-Tesla drivers – especially if they mainly use the Supercharger network.

In addition, at the end of 2022, Tesla’s kWh costs were still almost €0.70, but these have subsequently been significantly reduced. Tesla then adjusted the Supercharger prices almost every 14 days – but usually not with major fluctuations. One of the last major price reductions finally took place just over a year ago.

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