Estonia: Solaris delivers 15 electric buses to Tallinn

Solaris has delivered 15 of its Solaris Urbino 12 electric to the Estonian capital of Tallinn. According to the manufacturer, these are the first electric buses in all of Estonia.

Image: Solaris

On top of the buses itself, Solaris also delivered the necessary charging infrastructure. As the vehicle can be charged using a plug-in connector as well as an inverted pantograph, Solaris provided both options: 15 stationary chargers installed at the depot and two pantograph chargers located along the lines on which the buses will operate.

According to Solaris, the contract value – including delivery of the buses and charging infrastructure – “exceeded 10 million euros.” 

Public transport operator Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport (TLT) ordered the EVs only a few months ago. It is also the largest public transport operator in the country.

“We will be the first in Estonia to gain invaluable experience of how battery buses behave in our weather, what are their driving characteristics and passenger comfort. We are definitely ready to meet with other transport companies and share experiences so that modern electric vehicles reach the streets of other Estonian cities as well”, said Kaido Padar, a member of the board of TLT.

The city of Tallinn is looking to electrify city transport. In February, we reported that Estonia’s capital wants to put 40 battery trolleybuses into service within three to five years. These would be in addition to the battery-electric buses now ordered. However, the trolleybuses would also have a traction battery for routes without overhead lines.

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Truls Hagen
05.05.2024 um 22:49
Good luck, spescially Solaris busses strugled a lot in Oslo, Norway this winther. The battery need charging the hole time when it is cold, and the busses strugled also to much in the snow. The leak of public busses in traffick was so big on some cold days, that the town have put some of the buss companies under preassures to improve to not loose contracts in the future.

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