Deepal connects to Nio charging network

Deepal, the new energy vehicle unit of Changan Automobile, has announced its connection to Nio's charging network. The move provides Deepal drivers access to over 20,000 charging piles.

Image: Deepal

Deepal and Nio Power have entered into a charging partnership that allows an estimated 200,000 Deepal drivers to access more than 20,000 Nio charging piles in China. The offer will officially start in May.

Access to the charging system can be done via Deepal’s app, as well as on in-vehicle screens, according to Nio, allowing drivers to view the charging progress as well as “hassle-free payment”. Nio further explains that it’s charging piles are open to all brands, and about 80 per cent of the power provided is used by other brands of EVs. According to CEO and founder William Li, this is one of the “one of the few businesses it [Nio] doesn’t lose money on.”

According to the report, Nio is still struggling to make money with its main business, electric vehicles. This has been the case for many EV manufacturers, with Tesla famously taking years to recuperate its investments. In terms of investments, and more importantly, the technological innovations they fund, the Cente for Automotive Management recently found that Chinese manufacturers are quickly catching up with their Western counterparts. Nio also recently released its EL6, which we tested and found that “Nio has taken a good step forward in many disciplines.”

Just last week, Nio also announced a similar partnership with SAIC-GM in China. This partnership was for Cadillac and Buick drivers to be able to access the network, also via their own apps.


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