BMW and Pirelli develop winter tyres for more range

A winter tyre designed to give all-electric cars up to 50 kilometres more range is now being launched as a result of a collaboration between the BMW Group and Pirelli on a new tyre for the all-electric BMW i7.

Image: BMW

According to the company, the new Pirelli 20-inch P-Zero Winter 2 winter tyre, which was jointly developed by Pirelli and BMW, compensates for a higher rolling resistance compared to summer tyres due to their rubber compound and tread pattern. The rolling resistance of a tyre describes the force required for the rolling movement and has a direct effect on the range of a vehicle.

The new tyre developed by the German carmaker and the Italian tyre manufacturer is supposed to counter the usual disadvantages of winter tyres. The companies say the tyres give the all-electric BMW i7 a significantly greater range of up to 50 kilometres longer than with a conventional winter tyre. This is due to technological advances made by Pirelli P Zero Winter 2 in the areas of tread pattern and tread compound.

“This collaboration between BMW and Pirelli represents a significant milestone in tire technology regarding range capabilities for winter tyres” said Dr Mihiar Ayoubi, Senior Vice President Development Driving Pleasure at the BMW Group. “We are proud to partner with Pirelli to offer our customers an exceptional driving experience that combines the known high level of snow and wet performance with a significant positive impact for our all-electric vehicles during winter times.”

The new tyre will be available from August 2024. Both partners aim to introduce this new tyre technology in other future BMW models, starting with the new BMW X3 in the second half of 2024.


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