Logistics company Jacky Perrenot receives 100 electric trucks from MAN

The French logistics company Jacky Perrenot ordered 100 electric trucks from MAN. The Munich-based manufacturer claims that this is the largest single order for the MAN eTruck to date.

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The Jacky Perrenot Group is a freight forwarding specialist founded in 2012 and based in Saint-Donat-sur-l’Herbasse in the French department of Drôme. It claims to be the market leader in transport and logistics in France with a turnover of more than one billion euros in 2022. The group claims to employ 10,000 people in 145 European branches. Six months ago, the logistics company announced its intention to procure 168 electric trucks and 90 truck charging stations. By 2025, the fleet is expected to include 250 electric vehicles. It was not specified last December which specific models the company would be using, but it was considered likely that Renault Trucks, among others, would be used, as the two companies have a partnership that was recently expanded again.

It is now clear that the majority of the electric trucks will be supplied by MAN. Unfortunately, details of the order are not available, so it remains to be seen which variants of the eTruck the French company will be using or when the vehicles will be delivered. MAN has only recently significantly increased the number of variants of the model: In April, the manufacturer expanded the range for its electric truck with new 4×2 and 6×2 chassis and the number of configurable variants from three previously defined customer combinations to ‘over a million’. MAN publicised this at the IFAT trade fair.

According to MAN, almost 2,000 order enquiries and orders have now been received for the eTGX and eTGS versions of the electric truck around seven months after the sales launch. The differences between the eTGX and eTGS correspond to the familiar diesel models such as the wider cab of the TGX, for example. However, both models are based on the same modular system. “Since we presented the expanded portfolio at IFAT fair, customer demand has increased significantly, particularly in the municipal sector,” said Friedrich Baumann, Chief Sales Officer at MAN Truck & Bus.

In addition to the major order from France, MAN recently won two lots for electric two-axle and three-axle trucks in Austria, for example. The customer is an association to which twelve municipal companies belong. Over the next four years, this will result in a potential order volume of ten to 15 eTrucks per year, according to MAN. The maximum order is 45 vehicles, whereby orders for the first five eTrucks – including waste collection vehicles – have already been placed.

According to MAN, the initial special series of the eTruck (“Exclusive Early Fleet”) with production in the current year is “almost sold out except for a few remaining vehicles.” The majority of the almost 2,000 orders and order enquiries mentioned above are for large-scale production, which is scheduled to start at the plant in Munich from 2025. Trucks with diesel and battery-electric drives will then be produced on the same assembly line, which should give the manufacturer the greatest possible flexibility.



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