Horiba launches new software for battery testing

The Japanese specialist for measuring devices Horiba has announced the market launch of the STARS Battery software in Europe in the 4th quarter. This enables battery tests to be carried out with regard to performance and durability.

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With the increasing importance of electric drive systems in the global mobility market, test automation systems for batteries have become indispensable as core components. STARS Automation from Horiba is a flexible automation platform that offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of testing tasks in the mobility industry. With STARS Battery, the latest addition to the STARS automation platform, Horiba will be offering an application for efficient battery testing starting in the 4th quarter. It is primarily aimed at car manufacturers and battery companies.

With the STARS Battery programme, users can define and carry out tests for all types of battery packs. During the tests, users can interact with the battery management system (BMS) of the battery pack, the battery cycler and the environmental and temperature control hardware.

The battery test software is suitable for testing individual battery cells, battery modules and battery stacks. It provides a ready-to-use standard test library that is compliant with most common battery test standards such as ISO 12405-4:2018 or IEC 62660-1.

STARS Battery contains schedules, data loggers and simulated devices. With these examples, users can build a customised test system from scratch or modify an existing one. Also included are demonstration projects and simulated test benches. Users can use or edit these templates to quickly configure a working test system.

“STARS Battery is adding another important piece to our automation and electrification portfolio. It contributes greatly to our customers’ changing test demands, by closing the gap between traditional ICE component testing and BEV applications. We are confident that STARS Battery will have a significant impact on not only making our customers test procedures faster and more efficient, but also enabling them to expand their testing capabilities,” said Vincent Foulart, Director of Product Management, Test Automation at Horiba.

In combination with Horiba’s STARS Enterprise laboratory management system, STARS Battery provides what the company says is a seamless, comprehensive solution for industrial battery testing while ensuring efficient data and workflow management.



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