Aspark Owl is the fastest electric car in the world

Image: MAT

Aspark has broken Rimac's record for the fastest electric hypercar. A new version of the Aspark Owl called the SP600 reached 438.7 kph - 26.7 kph faster than the Rimac Nevera.

In November 2022, Rimac set the world record for the fastest electric production car with the Nevera. The Croatian manufacturer’s electric hypercar was officially measured at a top speed of 412 kph. Rimac then set several more world records in spring 2023.

Now, another electric car beat the record: the Aspark Owl SP600 reached a speed of 438.7 kph at the test site in Papenburg. German racing driver Marc Basseng was at the wheel of the vehicle, which was developed by the Italian company Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) on behalf of Aspark.

However, the top speed achieved is currently the only known value about the Owl SP600 – the changes to the aerodynamics compared to the previous model are obvious, but new performance values (previously 1,480 kW) are not mentioned. The model that set the record in Papenburg is currently still described as a “production intent prototype.” Thus, the Rimac remains the fastest electric production car in the world for now – until the Aspark also makes the leap from prototype to production car.,


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