Xpeng M03 debuts as Xpeng-Didi’s first co-developed EV

A new electric sedan from China called 'Xpeng Mona 03’ debuted online on 11 June. It is the first EV from Xpeng Motors and ride-hailing service provider Didi’s collaboration.

Image: Xpeng Motors

Xpeng Motors hasn’t revealed the specifications of the M03, but according to a report from Autohome, the new electric sedan should deliver a range of over 500 km. The same report also said that BYD is among the battery suppliers, indicating there could be at least two battery options.

The M03 features a coupe-inspired and technical-looking exterior, which has recently become a staple format for modern Chinese electric sedans. Its curvaceous and aerodynamically optimised body should help with energy efficiency and driving dynamics. At the front, the Mona M03 features a low-slung, fast-sloping bonnet, T-shaped headlamps reminiscent of the Polestar 3, a covered nose section, and a split lower air intake.

On the sides, rounded mirrors, flush door handles, and machined wheels give the M03 an elegant styling, while a straight beltline underlines its simplicity. The rear end is notably short and has a convex surface around the centre. A subtly integrated spoiler and T-shaped combination lamps are also among the design highlights at the back.

The interior isn’t officially out, but spy shots had partially revealed it earlier. There’s a sleek dashboard that seamlessly blends with the door panels for a wraparound look, designed to give the driver and front passenger a cocooned feeling. The steering wheel is a flat-bottomed two-spoke unit with what looks like scrollers on both sides. The EV features a bridge-type centre console that’s pretty wide and could offer plenty of storage space.

A floating touchscreen infotainment system dominates the central area of the dashboard and integrates the comfort functions, vehicle controls, and entertainment features of the car in one place. There’s no instrument cluster in the Xpeng M03, which probably means all the driving information is displayed on the central touchscreen. Rear passengers benefit from dedicated AC vents positioned between the front seat backrests.

Xpeng Motors has said that the M03 will cover various grades of autonomous driving, making features previously mainly seen in cars costing more than 200,000 yuan accessible to a wider band of customers. For reference, when it announced cooperation with Didi in August 2023, it said that it plans to price Mona-series models in the 150,000 yuan range. Deliveries of the M03 will commence in the third quarter (July-September). 

Xpeng Motors will manufacture the M03 alongside the P7 at its factory in Zhaoqing (Guangdong Province), China, as per the Autohome report. The company hasn’t said if it plans to launch the M03 in foreign markets.

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