NECA to support bus electrification initiative in North East England

The North East Combined Authority (NECA) backed plans to see one in 10 buses in the region provide zero emissions by 2025. The area includes Durham, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

NE Council leaders have now signed a £17.6 million investment to pay for 95 emissions-free buses. NECA also approved plans to spend £2.1 million on 92 electric vehicle charging points.

“This is only a fraction of the agenda that we want to put forward, only a fraction of implementing the manifesto that the mayor was elected on,” said Coun Gannon, deputy to the mayor Kim McGuinness, adding: “They are here in front of us today by necessity because the contracts need to be approved. I can’t wait for next month and for the rest of the agenda so that we can get on and implement that manifesto.”,


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