Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce gets more power

Alfa Romeo has increased the power output of the top model in its first electric series. The Junior Veloce now has an output of 207 kW and a maximum torque of 345 Newton metres.

Image: Alfa Romeo

When the Stellantis brand presented the Junior in April (at that time still as the Milano, before the model was renamed at short notice), a second power level was announced for the first time for an electric car based on the e-CMP platform: In addition to the 115 kW output familiar from other models, the Junior was also to be available at a later date as the ‘Elettrica 240’ with 177 kW (240 HP).

It is precisely this version that Alfa Romeo has now presented in more detail – and states an output of 207 kW. “Alfa Romeo Junior VELOCE makes its debut in the road with the 100% electric motor that delivers 280 CV / 207 kW of power and 345 Nm of torque,” Alfa Romeo writes.

The 177 kW variant has therefore been cancelled without replacement, even if it still appears on the Alfa Romeo website and in the price lists for the time being. When asked by electrive, a spokeswoman explained that the Junior Elettrica will be available with 115 and 207 kW. Both variants will be built at the Tychy plant in Poland.

Although there are two power levels, the battery is the same: it has an energy content of 54 kWh and enables a range of 410 kilometres in the 115 kW version according to the WLTP. Alfa Romeo has not yet stated the standard range of the Veloce, as “the manufacturer has not yet provided any binding consumption and emission figures”. This will only become mandatory at the start of ordering.

The Veloce version will not only differ in terms of performance: The steering has a more direct ratio and the chassis will be lowered by 25 millimetres. “Reinforced stabilisers on the front and rear axles also reduce lateral body lean in fast corners,” says Alfa Romeo. A sports brake system with 380-millimetre discs is installed on the front axle.

It is not yet known exactly when the Junior Veloce will be available to order. In the price list as of May 2024, the model is listed with a price of 48,500 euros – but as mentioned above, still with 117 kW of power. The Junior with 115 kW can be ordered from €39,500. (price list in German, PDF)


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