New incentives introduced for more electric taxis in Athens

The Greek government is pushing ahead with an initiative called 'Zap Taxi Club' to increase the number of electric taxis in Greece's capital Athens tenfold to at least 1,000 units by 2026. Electric taxis are now being promoted in Athens in addition to the goverment's first initiative.

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According to media reports, the government officially has just presented the initiative for more electric taxis. Currently, only around 100 of the 13,661 taxis in Athens are said to be electric, revealing that the ‘Green Taxi’ funding programme introduced by the Greek government in 2023 and running until 2025 has not yet had the desired success.

That is why the state is now launching a programme called ‘Zap Taxi Club’ based on a public-private partnership. The programme is managed by the National Bank of Greece, which is now offering taxi drivers additional funding through leasing options. In other words, in addition to the ‘Green Taxi’ subsidies, which cover up to 40 per cent of the cost of a new electric taxi (up to a maximum of 22,500 euros), there are also discounted leasing conditions. The funds for the initiative come from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Fund. However, a prerequisite for the funding is that old vehicles are scrapped in return.

Meanwhile, the Greek government’s commitment to electromobility goes beyond taxis: a separate programme is currently providing 28 million euros to subsidise the purchase of electric cars by private individuals.


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