Ferrari plans battery swap programme for plug-in hybrids

The Italian sports car brand Ferrari has introduced a battery exchange programme for its plug-in hybrid models. The aim is to give customers the opportunity to have the battery of their sports cars replaced up to two times, also to preserve the residual value.

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Vehicles from Ferraris are not just cars, but also financial investments on wheels. And even if plug-in hybrids largely run on their combustion engine, the battery is an expensive and important component. Due to its performance decreases over time, not only does the electric range of the vehicle decrease, but the vehicle may also no longer be able to achieve the specified drive power – if the ageing battery can no longer supply enough energy to the electric motor: Not exactly a good prospect for the residual value of such an expensive car.

With the new battery replacement programme, Ferrari is now offering a kind of warranty extension that regulates the replacement of the batteries at fixed intervals. The “Warranty Extension Hybrid Programme” officially extends the current five-year warranty to eight years. In the event of a problem, Ferrari will replace the battery at no extra cost. The additional “Power Hybrid Programme” extends the warranty on all important drive components (including the battery) to a total of 16 years after these eight years of the first warranty extension. This m

The two programmes include the SF90 Stradale models, the associated SF90 Spider convertible, the two sports versions SD90 XX Stadale and SF90 XX Spider as well as the 296 GTB and 296 GTS, which are built in significantly larger numbers. It is not yet known whether Ferrari will also extend the range to its first electric model, which is due to be launched next year. Incidentally, the battery cells for the plug-in hybrids and the electric Ferrari come from SK On.


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