Kontron books major wallbox order from German OEM

The Augsburg-based company Kontron has received a major order for wall box charging stations worth 120 million euros. The customer is a "leading German car manufacturer". The wall boxes will be developed and manufactured by Kontron's new subsidiary eSystems.

Image: Kontron

According to Kontron, the contract covers the development and delivery of fully networked wallboxes. Series production with an order volume of 120 million euros is set to begin in the third quarter of 2024 and the contract will run until 2028, according to the statement. The wall box chargers will be developed and manufactured on behalf of the customer for the European and Chinese markets and will also differ in their design for these two markets. The customer is a German manufacturer of premium vehicles with whom eSystems already has a long-standing partnership, according to the statement.

The new wall box charging stations, which Kontron refers to as a new generation , is based on the ghostONE platform created by eSystems. This is a customisable white label solution. It is fully networked via Ethernet, LTE, WiFi, EEBUS, MODBUS/TCP, OCPP and ISO15118. “Our fully networked wallbox can do ‘smart charging next level’,” says eSystems Managing Director Jochen Paukert. “Charging an electric car is then not just a matter of refuelling with electricity. Our wallbox enables the safe integration of renewable energy into the grid, the use of self-generated PV power and lower costs thanks to dynamic tariffs.” The wallboxes also fulfil the highest security requirements for data and are supplied with updates remotely.

The fact that Kontron, a specialist in computer technologies, has been awarded the contract is due to the fact that the Augsburg-based company acquired eSystems at the beginning of the year as part of the takeover of the Munich-based electronics company Katek. For Kontron, this is the second major project for intelligent wallboxes that the new subsidiary has landed in a short space of time. It was only in May that the company received approval to supply smart charging systems worth at least 200 million euros. “These major orders show: Our ’smart charging’ business unit is a central and extremely value-adding component in our portfolio,” comments Kontron CEO Hannes Niederhauser. “With this new project, we are further strengthening our growth in this forward-looking area.”

Incidentally, Kontron has once again been owned by the Austrian company S&T since 2017. The purchase was co-financed by the Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn, among others, which in turn acquired a stake in S&T at almost the same time.



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