Ineos postpones electric off-road vehicle indefinitely

The British manufacturer Ineos is postponing the launch of its announced electric off-road vehicle Fusilier until further notice. After two combustion models, it would have been the off-road brand's first electric vehicle. Contract manufacturer Magna is also affected by this decision.

Image: Ineos

The carmaker told British Autocar that there are two reasons for the postponement of the Fusilier market launch: the hesitant acceptance of EVs among consumers and uncertainty in the industry regarding customs duties, timetables and taxes. Ineos Automotive presented the electrically powered off-road vehicle at the end of February. It was to launch two drive options – a fully electric one and with a petrol range-extender.

Ineos Automotive did not yet provide performance data for the two drive options at the February launch. Details of the drive system and the timetable for the market launch were originally to be confirmed in autumn 2024. Now, things are different.

“Charging infrastructure for EVs in most markets continues to grow and consumer confidence will match that, but for the industry to meet net-zero targets there needs to be long-term clarity from policy makers and a number of technology options available considering factors like raw materials, infrastructure and affordability,” the carmaker told Autocar. And then there is legislation, according to which the Ineos may not be able to sell its range-extended version in Europe or the UK after 2035.

The Ineos Fusilier was to be developed in collaboration with automotive supplier Magna and later manufactured by the Austrians. The first two models, the Grenadier positioned above the Fusilier and the Quartermaster pickup, were already developed in collaboration with Magna – although these were still combustion engines.,

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about „Ineos postpones electric off-road vehicle indefinitely“
08.07.2024 um 13:54
INEOS is an oil and gas company. They will fight electrification at every stage. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. .

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