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Jan 6, 2016 - 10:28 am

BMW, Evatran, GM, Aguri.

BMW-i8-Spyder-Vision-Future-InteractionConnected EV: BMW is using the CES in Las Vegas to present new technologies for its i3 and i8. The BM i8 Concept Spyder i.e. embodies the manufacture’s vision of automated driving and digitally connected vehicles, featuring cameras rather than side mirrors. Also, the i3’s battery charge level can soon also be displayed on your own hallway or bedroom mirror. How very useful…
mashable.com, autoblog.com

Evatran eyes China: Chinese supplier VIE is pouring 3.2m dollars into Evatran, whose inductive charging technology will also become available in China. In North America, the latter currently offers its wireless system for the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and Cadillac ELR. The technology is said to also available for other models already this quarter.

Autonomous alliance: GM has invested 500m dollars in Uber opponent Lyft, with the goal of getting an “autonomous on-demand” fleet on the road. The Chevy Volt is a likely first choice, as General Motors will start testing a fleet of self-driving Volt in Canada.

Aguri looks for partner: Aguri will get its electric powertrain from a rival Formula E team next season, since the development of the own technology is too costly. It looks as though Renault is the current favourite.

Jul 14, 2015 - 07:39 am

Local Motors, Voktor Arestov, Aguri, Smart Urban Vehicle.

Local-Motors-Reload-Redacted-Swim3D-printed EV update: Local Motors has priced its recent EV design and winner of the Project Redacted design contest. Both versions of the Reload Redacted – the Swim and Sport – will cost between 18,000-30,000 dollars and will be offered as a low speed EV starting next year.
cnbc.com, 3dprint.com

Asynchronous e-bike drive: Viktor Arestov has developed an asynchronous wheel hub motor with combined windings for pedelecs and e-bikes, which is said to be superior to current models and does not make use of rare earth metals. The 3 kW electric motor is designed for low energy consumption, allowing for more range.

Aguri takes proven approach: Team Amlin Aguri will stick to what it knows during the second season of the Formula E and will neither develop nor buy a new drivetrain. Instead, the extra money and time will be spend on developing software and optimising the current system.
motorsport-total.com, electricautosport.com

You can now read all about the Smart Urban Vehicle of ZF TRW in English. Powered by a traction battery, the compact city car has a small radius and can park itself – even with the driver standing outside (we reported).

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