Jul 14, 2015 - 07:39 am

Local Motors, Voktor Arestov, Aguri, Smart Urban Vehicle.

Local-Motors-Reload-Redacted-Swim3D-printed EV update: Local Motors has priced its recent EV design and winner of the Project Redacted design contest. Both versions of the Reload Redacted – the Swim and Sport – will cost between 18,000-30,000 dollars and will be offered as a low speed EV starting next year.
cnbc.com, 3dprint.com

Asynchronous e-bike drive: Viktor Arestov has developed an asynchronous wheel hub motor with combined windings for pedelecs and e-bikes, which is said to be superior to current models and does not make use of rare earth metals. The 3 kW electric motor is designed for low energy consumption, allowing for more range.

Aguri takes proven approach: Team Amlin Aguri will stick to what it knows during the second season of the Formula E and will neither develop nor buy a new drivetrain. Instead, the extra money and time will be spend on developing software and optimising the current system.
motorsport-total.com, electricautosport.com

You can now read all about the Smart Urban Vehicle of ZF TRW in English. Powered by a traction battery, the compact city car has a small radius and can park itself – even with the driver standing outside (we reported).


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