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Sep 22, 2016 - 08:04 am

Andreas Renschler, Mitsuru Kariya, Andrew Bergbaum.

Andreas-Renschler“It is my deep conviction that we will have 100 percent e-drive in city buses first. There is no dispute that vans and even heavy-duty distribution trucks will follow.”

Andreas Renschler, head of the Volkswagen Truck & Bus division, naturally has his eye on the commercial vehicle market, which he believes will be the first to be electrified on a literally large scale.

Mitsuru-Kariya“Electrification is currently the most popular and best solution but it’s also short-term. Honda still believes hydrogen and the fuel cell technology will be the ultimate propulsion for the long-term future, but electric is very important to fill that gap until that time for the mass market.”

Honda Civic development leader Mitsuru Kariya sees battery electric cars as a bridge technology on the way to hydrogen. Petrol is a thing of the past according to the manager, one way or another.

Andrew-Bergbaum“This year’s announced and launched EVs really are a massive turning point in the auto industry. This will go down as one of those years when it all started to change.”

AlixPartners Managing Director Andrew Bergbaum sees the upcoming electric vehicles as a game changer for the EV industry. In his analysis, he includes affordable models like the Ampera-e and potential Nissan innovations in particular.

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