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Aug 23, 2022 - 03:31 pm

Freyr opens tech centre in Boston

The Norwegian battery company Freyr has opened its first technology centre in the USA. It is located in Boston with partner 24M Technologies. While Freyr continues to search for a location for its announced US battery cell factory, the new centre is intended to support technological development.

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May 16, 2022 - 02:47 pm

Exro signs drive supply deal with evTS

Exro Technologies, a Canadian company that has developed a new class of power electronics for electric motors and batteries, has signed an agreement with Boston-based ev Transportation Services (evTS) to supply an initial quantity of 1,000 units of its 100V Coil Drive System for use in evTS’s 2023 FireFly vehicles.

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Apr 7, 2022 - 01:38 pm

Boston to replace all 700 school buses with electric buses

Boston wants to replace its fleet of more than 700 school buses with electric vehicles by 2030, starting with 20 buses taking kids to school during the next school year. The move is part of the city’s Green New Deal, which includes converting much of its vehicle fleet, not only school buses.

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Jan 22, 2018 - 11:28 am

New options for Tesla Model 3 soon available?

Tesla has updated the configurator for its Model 3, suggesting that more options for the car are about to be introduced. Moreover, the model has hit the first show rooms at the U.S. East coast, where it attracts a lot of attention.

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Aug 18, 2016 - 07:58 am

Ford, Tesla, Orange EV, Boston, Elmoto.

Model E family? Ford had fought long and hard to keep that name from Tesla. Now it looks as if it could be used for a whole model series, including crossovers rather than just electrified variants. Meanwhile, Ford is doubling its Silicon Valley presence in a push for autonomous cars – something that goes well together with electrification. At the moment Ford operates a fleet of 30 self-driving Fusion Hybrid and plans to triple that number next year.
greencarreports.com (Model E), electriccarsreport.com (autonomous)

Tesla poaches again as it hires former Apple employee David Erhart. He joined the EV maker’s executive team as Senior Director of Reliability and Test. A Berkeley graduate, the chemical engineer first worked for Motorola and Medtronic before starting at Apple.

OrangeEVElectric terminal truck: Orange EV opened its order books for the all new T-series. The electric terminal truck can work 24/7 shifts in various environments, be it rail, retail or waste management. Orders placed within YE 2016 receive priority and a free telematics system.

New Tesla flagship: Boston is the next destination to get a decent Tesla store. It is located in the Prudential Tower that is powered by wind and solar energy only. Our guess is it might feature a few power walls and SolarCity panels once it opens this autumn. Meanwhile, Tesla triangulates Texas where it opened its third ‘Tesla Service Plus’ centre in Austin. The state still prohibits direct sales.
electrek.co (Boston), electrek.co (Texas)

Chevy Volt review: Michael Harley tried the 2016 Volt on his 100 mile highway commute and still got 88 MPG. He was however used and apparently rather attached to the Volt predecessor and so his reviews reads as if one has to expect a big “but” anytime. But – he was happy with the ride.

Pace maker: Rio has one more sensation that appeared in the velodrome. The pace for the keirin, a Japan inspired high-speed bicycle race, is set by an electric motorbike made in Germany. The Elmoto reaches up to 37 mph and thus serves as perfect derny to get the human riders up to speed.

Feb 18, 2016 - 09:32 am

Spark, Governors' Accord, Boston, Mumbai.

Re-use: Remember those telephone booths we had before mobile devices came along? Auckland found a new use as Spark transforms phone boxes into EV charging spots. Not a first, as Korea already trials the same idea. But if successful, Spark could eventually turn 3,500 booths into EV chargers in New Zealand.

The “Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future” unites 17 U.S. governors in their strive for clean energy, green transport solutions and to modernised grids on a national scale. Together, they represent 127 million American citizens, both Democrats and Republicans.
ens-newswire.com, governor.wa.gov

Hybrid buses for Boston: The Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA) will order up to 90 diesel-electric buses for Boston. The Xcelsior hybrids come from New Flyer Industries. The contract secures at least 44 buses worth about 50m dollars as well as options for another 46 vehicles.

Hybrid buses for Mumbai: The Indian metropolis is about to assign Tata Motors to deliver around 25 hybrid buses to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. The Starbus Hybrid bus combines electric and CNG power and was first trialled in Delhi.

Nov 7, 2014 - 09:25 am

Munich, Scotland, Hamburg, Boston, Chicago.

Munich supports EVs: The Bavarian capital wants to launch a 23 million euro programme to fund the adaptation of electric cars. Individuals will receive a 2,500 euro grant when they buy an EV. Businesses will even get 4,000 euros. 500,000 euros will be reserved for electrifying the city’s fleet, and the number of installed charge points will be increased to 2,000 by 2017, according to the announcement.
sueddeutsche.de (in German)

Transport Scotland funds EV expansion: Giving one million pounds in funding, the organisation adds a total of 50 EVs to Car Clubs in Scotland. 20 EVs will be available from City Car Club branches in Edinburgh and Glasgow and smaller car club chains across Scotland will share another 30 EVs.

Hamburg-Volvo-Electric-HybridVolvo plug-in buses premiere: “Hamburger Hochbahn” officially presented the new Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid, three of which will enter service in the northern German city in December. The plug-in buses will be rapid-charged by Siemens technology.
innovations-report.de (in German)

Boston rides hybrid: The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has rolled out the first of 60 hybrid buses by New Flyer. The other 59 buses are expected to be delivered by the end of March and will replace the outdated bus fleet in Boston.

Alternative fuel at Chicago Airport: The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) called on Clean Energy Fuels to build a 4,000 square meter “Alternative-Fuel station” at the O’Hare airport. It will feature EV charging points, as well as compressed natural gas and biodiesel.
aviationnews.net, nacsonline.com

Apr 1, 2014 - 09:34 am


At the Boston Medical Center (BMC), doctors can now prescribe low-income patients a bike-share membership at reduced costs. Five instead of 85 dollars should be incentive enough to actually use the Boston bike sharing Hubway, especially as the obligatory helmet is included for free. Health and safety first!

Found on electrive.com
06.12.2022 17:43