UFODrive expands electric car rental services in the USA

Electric car rental company UFODrive expands further in the USA. Customers in seven major US cities can now rent Teslas and other premium electric vehicles (EVs) online without requiring paperwork, upselling, or keys.

After its US launch in San Francisco in August 2022, UFODrive is now also active in Austin, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami. At launch in San Francisco, there were 20 Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys. Now the company claims that “Teslas and other premium electric vehicles” can be rented in the aforementioned cities.

Edmund Read, UFODrive’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “Nobody else in the industry can do what we do for our customers every day.” He described the company’s combination of proprietary EV management tech and 24/7 in-rental service, claiming that UFOdrive has highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. “Book-register-drive in two minutes. Never lose a key again. Let us worry about your charge-level, we’ll help book you into the right charger and pay for it. Forgot where you parked? We’ll honk the horn and flash the lights for you. We can even switch the AC on for you or pop the trunk if needed,” he elaborated.

Worldwide, UFODrive is active in 29 cities in ten countries, but primarily in Europe. As CEO Aidan McClean now indicates, the US will “easily be our biggest market” in the coming year. “We hope our success will encourage the major car rental companies to go digital and green faster than they are today,” McClean said.

“We’ve added our first US-specific features, including streamlined ID verification and market-leading charger aggregation,” said Renaud Marquet, CTO and co-founder of the company. “Following a successful launch in Europe, our new subscription and delivery services will go live in the US in January.” Marquet also points out that the company’s fleet management software is also used by Hertz. The car rental company took a stake in UFODrive in Series A financing in February this year.



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